Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

sroute wrote:

cd23murray wrote:

You're wasting your time...the trolll just wants to be fed...ignore works wonders

Actually engaging the poster has been very useful - Liam is on a real roll here, but all he is achieving is destroying any credibility he might have had as a reasonable or objective observer / appraiser of photographic gear. Manic (thank you doctor Murray for that analysis, maybe brought on by the price that Sony insists on asking) might be a good term for his postings.

Curious as to his posting history here on DPR I had a quick look at what he's written here since 2006. When he calls himself a "critical photographer" he isn't joking - every post, although to be fair most I clicked on happened to be photo critiques - contained a critical comment of some sort even if the net result was praise.

Oh we see a touch of normality in there ......pity we could have stretched him

There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism but the impression I got, no doubt tainted by his appearance here, is that Liam lives to criticize the works and opinions of others.

No I live by being critical of hype and not blindly doing what a few opinionated people suggest I do

I could be way off base here of course - I only sampled 10 postings - but that is the picture of the person that was being drawn to me by his own writing.

Wow, completely pinned great work laddie! Great profile!

Certainly here in this sub-forum he's demonstrated that picture is more accurate than I could have imagined.

I'd hoped to learn what type of photography Liam specializes in since it seems he is an expert on everything,

I didn't state anything about being an expert on anything, I just like photography and the ethical side of business

but a search on Google for Liam's professional side turned up nothing;

Told you I was a critical person

his name is sufficiently unique that there are few Google hits for it. Perhaps o Conlocha is a pseudonym.

No my real name

Whatever Liam o Conlocha actually does for a living really doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

Thanks for that, is that entitled first and then we can attack his as being manic etc etc? and thow out all the labels that we can if we can't get to him any other way?

It's clear Liam is compiling a list of "defects" in his mind based on sources not all of which are informed.

As clear as dishwater, misuse of 'mind' there, all coming from posts from respected sources

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