Help with street shooting at night

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Re: Help with street shooting at night

miniTO wrote:

I shoot street at night in the city all the time but with the X-Pro.

Try the following:

ISO: AUTO3200 (min speed set to the same as below)

Shutter: 1/60 (or 1/125 if there is a lot of movement)

Apature: f2 - f2.8 (I would stay closer to f2.2)

Metering: Center Weighted

Basically it comes down to you having to take control of the camera. Night time street shooting doesn't fit well into any cameras auto modes. Nonetheless, the auto-iso will help to keep store fronts and other highlights exposed acceptably.

Just take note that you are going to have to adjust the above a little depending on your situation.

Pretty much as above but with one more observation. Your camera's meter will still try to reduce the scene to 18% grey and will add exposure to get it. Try - 2/3 ev and go from there - you may need more - ev. This will also allow faster shutter speeds. It depends how light the scene is or many and how bright are any lights shining into the lens to fool the meter.


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