Converting RAW to JPG

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Re: Converting RAW to JPG

Brian, I found this video on YouTube about three weeks ago, and after watching it over and over a few times, I am up and running with Lightroom 4 and have no problems doing anything in the software. I have had Lightroom 4 for quite a while, but like you I did not have any books, but as for myself, I also did not wish to get on those pay sites to try and learn from their videos. Now that I have learned how to use the software, I am off and running. I finally did break down and pay to use the Kelby training site when they came out with their Cyber Monday special and the videos with their special deal came out to be only $13 a month and around $.31 a day. Kelby training is coming out with a new program where you can get on their site and rent some of their videos for only $6.99 for three days and you are allowed to view those videos for as long as you wish during those three days. They do not have a lot of videos set us as of yet, but I can see that being something that I would like to do as well once my year subscription runs out. You can also get on and look at their videos on using their software and it is free to everyone, I did not know this before I signed up for Kelby training. I will say that I am more than glad that I did sign up for that training, I have learned a great deal on using software for my images. I have always found myself not being a person who could read a book once and catch on how to do something, I would have to read sections of that book over and over a few times before it would start sinking in. I hope that this video does help, and there are other videos on YouTube that are just as helpful.

Good luck with Lightroom. The one great thing that I like about Lightroom 4, is that in their Print Module, they have a print adjustment slider that has allowed me to fine tune my prints so well, they are identical to what is on my screen, and my screen has been calibrated.

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