Back by popular demand: Nex-7 vs OMD

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Re: Back by popular demand: Nex-7 vs OMD - Part II

LTZ470 wrote:

Get out the torches and pitchforks! Canon is lying as well!...Looks like Oly is actually getting more out of the Sony Sensor than Sony?...all at ISO 200...Canon = 6.5 MB...Sony Nex-7 = 6.8 MB...Oly EM5 = 10.0 MB...what gives?

Is this directed to me?

Anyways -- lying is a pejorative term; that each manufacturer measures ISO differently is probably more accurate. That said, the apparent exposure accounts for some of the difference. The Canon/Oly images are brighter -- which explains some of the shutter speed differences. But even accounting for the difference, it's not a twice the light level difference that the difference in shutter speeds would suggest which does suggest that Sony tuned its ISO 200 to be more sensitive than Olympus.

As far the file sizes, we do know that increased noise results in larger file sizes. That would be one answer. The other (more obvious) is that each manufacturer is using a difference compression algorithm.

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