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Re: FZ200 Tips and Tricks - suggested JPEG settings

kkardster wrote:

I haven't seen any mention of JPEG settings in this thread. I've seen many recommendations for NR=-2 in other threads [and a few S=-1 or -2], but do we have a concensus on the recommended settings for all four values?:

  • Contrast = 0
  • Sharpness = -1
  • Saturation = 0
  • Noise Reduction = -2


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Mr Ster,

Personally I would turn them all down to -2 if I were going to use the jpegs.  But my reasoning would be that this would leave the jpeg as un-degraded as possible so that the edits I would want to do for tone, colour, sharpness and noise would have the best chance of suceeding.

But the logical conclusion of wanting to do edits yourself, to get your perfek photo, is to use RAW.

But can you avoid having to edit the jpegs?

As soon as you move those settings towards the minus end, the images will tend to the soft, pale & wan.  You will need to fix them.  But....

As soon as you move those settings towards the positive end, you risk ending up with images that are over-cooked in some way (cartoon colours, razor-on-the-eye sharpness and, of course, the dreaded NR jpeg smearing).  You will need to try and fix that too, although it's a lot harder.

The trouble is that there are a zillion parameters to change in a photo that may improve it.  The jpeg engine only gives you 5 positions on four sliders and a WB control.

But all that being said, I might risk NR = -2, contrast =0, sharpness and saturation = -1, if I just wanted jpegs out of the camera with no PPing.  I prefer my photos to lack artificial impact, though.  Some lads prefer to "up" the colour and also the contrast, for drama.  I think of these as the photographic equivalent of a pizza with everything on it.

But then there's the WB.  Auto often works well - unless it doesn't. 

RAW - yes, that's it.

SirLataxe, still waiting for 16bit jpegs.

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