Overall RX1 price = € 3820

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Moti wrote:

First, you may have forgotten but this is a public forum and i have the rights to express my opinion like anyone else, even if it is different from yours. It is difficult but please try to accepit that fact.

I shouldn't have made that one quip and I do try to avoid being antagonistic so for that I apologize. Honestly, I've no problem discussing this or any other subject with you until the end of time. Post away.

Now specifically to your question, the number of posts where you explain how the RX1 is the best camera for you, defending it in endledd number of ways like the worse fanboy sumtimes, is by far superior to the few time I did.

Actually I think my comments about the camera are balanced, not "fanboyish". The camera isn't perfect; the accessories are priced far too high, and I wish it had a built-in finder and a tilt LCD screen even at the expense of a *little* more size and weight. I wish it had less barrel distortion at the expense of what likely would be heavier optical construction. It'd be darn near perfect for me at that point, but the choices and compromises Sony has made are not deal breakers, for me, and it seems that is the case for a number of others who have posted here once or many times.

If asked, I'll talk about how it fits my needs. There's been a lot of conversations struck up over time on the camera, with newcomers to the sub-forum all the time. It should hardly be surprising that the same points get repeatedly raised by me or you or others. That doesn't make me a fanboy.

And btw, I never said that the camera is not for me on the contrary. I just said that for this price there are other alternatives that can be considered.

Sure - one can always consider other alternatives. The challenge is finding another camera that rolls everything the RX1 has into the same size package and, for me, for a carry-everywhere camera, size is as important as many other attributes.

Fortunately each of us can identify what is important to us and judge the camera on those grounds.

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