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Re: "Zooms impair creativity"... explain opinion please

John M Roberts wrote:

Zooms are way overrated, and overused, and impair creativity and skill. (my opinion),

Your credibility slipped a fair amount in my view after reading that assertion. Most of my 40 plus years involved primes with MF and LF. Once Canon offered their 24-35 and 80-200 L's my 35mm format primes sat though I did little shooting in that format. Now that DSLR's have improved tremendously quality can be had with zooms to compete with some MF film primes.

My transition into digital came late, first a Rebel but more seriously a D700 and with that I picked up the trio zooms and one prime, Sigma 150 macro. Zooms have benefited my creative potential in very convenient ways. They provide me greater room for composition and with spontaneity allowing me to catch brief moments of favored light. They offer the ability of quick decisions with a handful of FL's held in one hand.

So how on earth do you perceive that zooms hinder creativity?


I was strictly stating that as a personal opinion as it applies to my own photography. Everyone is an individual, and applies their visions differently. If zooms have enhanced your spontaneity and ability to get certain shots you may have otherwise missed, then great for you.

Personally I don't begrudge anyone the use of zooms, as I have several, but I rarely use them. I do believe they are a compromise, however small.

I almost always shoot aperture priority, and lean toward the fast glass for it's subject isolation and dimensional effect (portraiture). Distinct advantage to the primes.

Landscapes, of course, are different, and have other considerations.

Best to you..

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