Fighting students choose to hold hands...

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Re: Fighting students choose to hold hands...

ljfinger wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Can't wait for the liberals to chime in on why the principal should be fired.

Punishment by humiliation is a bad idea with kids.

And here we go....

I could never support punishment by humiliation after that experience.

They CHOSE it.

No, they were coerced into it:

"Richard recently ordered to two students to publicly hold hands for an hour or face suspension."..."Westwood senior Elizabeth Engle, who organized the rally, says possible suspensions would have ruined the students' record."

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Lee Jay
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They were fighting, and deserved the regular punishment of suspension.

He didn't like that it would have ruined their records, so he gave them the option to either be suspended or hold hands.

They chose to hold hands.

I knew one of you would try and twist this.

All of you that cry outrage, would rather have the kids' records ruined and have them suspended.... or more likely, a pat on the hand ?  Which one ?

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