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Modern times

ZorSy wrote:

Hmm, some 15 years ago I started to work for a guy but left as soon I learnt he was a crook. Recently I stumbled across posts about him on Whirlpool (Aussie consumers forum) - it looks he kept "reinventing" himself through various businesses since. Interestingly enough, every business he was in (from building through computers) he maintained to be true to his own: the crook remains the crook. Whether he can't or doesn't want to change is irrelevant.

I just wonder, how did middle-eastern law makers from some millennium ago learnt (without the internet) that thief remains thief, introducing such draconian punishment involving the axe, the chopping stump and one's hand.... wild guess that some never change? Of course, we would not condone such measures - post like these on the net are much more efficient than hot tar and feathers would ever be.

Hera should have her right mouse chopped off !

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