My trip to get an XE-1

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My trip to get an XE-1

I went to my local camera store this afternoon after getting a call that they had the silver and black XE-1 in stock for me to look at.  They also have an XPro-1 in stock.  Here are my impressions.

I did not notice any issue whatsoever with the start-up time, autofocus, shutter lag, responsiveness or overall performance of the cameras.  I tried the zoom lens and a 35mm on it.  The XE-1 is perfectly fine with both.  After reading all kinds of worries about these Fuji X cameras, I can say that all of my worries went away.

The menus were great.

I liked the black better than the silver.  The silver looked cheaper to me and the shiny silver used on the on/off switch sticks out - it really should be the same matt silver as the rest of the dials.

I bought a Nikon D3100 a while ago for a small light alternative to my D700, and it really hasn't been cutting it for me.  The Fuji's were much more enjoyable to handle and shoot with.  I love the external contrals with the aperture ring and shutter priority and exposure comp. dials!  I fealt like I had a real piece of photography equipment at my disposal.  I am pretty sure that I am going to sell the D3100 and lenses and move to Fuji.  But which one?

I hated the EVF on the XE-1.  Coming from a DSLR, I don't know how I could ever get used to using that flickering, oversaturated poor-quality TV screen as a viewfinder.  I guess people get used to it.  I really didn't like it.  It really flutters when you pan.  The LCD on the back, however, is great.  I don't know, an EVF makes me feel disconnected from the shot, like I am watching the composition from another room on a TV.  Has everyone else just gotten used to it?

I made the "mistake" of trying out the XPro-1.  When I started using it, it was set for the OVF.  HOLY SMOKES!  After going from one to the other, it was like night and day.  Man I really fell in love with the XPro-1 all around.  That thing feels so nice!  The hybrid OVF/EVF is amazing.  Put the 35mm lens on there and you are ready for some serious fun!  The only downside is that it is a little bigger than the XE-1.  But it does have a full leather case for small carrying whereas the XE-1 only has a half-case and would need a camera bag.

So where does that leave me?  I left the store empty handed.  I want to go take an in-person look at the X100 and see how the autofocus and responsiveness compares to the XE-1 and XPro-1.  If it is good, I think I might get one of those for now (for the compact size and the OVF) and further consider the interchangeable lens options.  But after handling the XE-1 and XPro-1,  I can't stop thinking about the XPro-1.

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