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Re: Interesting Exposure Choice

NeilJones wrote:

kayaker353 wrote:

The way I read the EXIF data, the exposure was 1/4000th second af f1.4. This is an interesting choice for a rather slow moving subject. What were your objectives in choosing this combination?

I was trying the lens for the weekend. everyone said wide open was awesome. Trying it out. I also some at f8 if you like I can post.

I want to see everything you have. Please post all. At least 100 images would be dandy.

A tip, wide aperture separates subject from the background. Try it sometime!

Thanks for the tip. You are making me a better photog with every utterance you made and with every snap you post. Thanks so much. Can I adopt you? I have an empty dog house that you would fit in just perfectly. And a fresh bowl of water for you every day.

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