Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Re: What I consider weak is...

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I am using it with my tablet - so I don't understand you comment that it doesn't work with tablets.

Now if you consider Windows tablets not to be tablets, then that is another story. Are you saying that only iOS are tablets? Andriod? There are millions of Windows tablets from multiple makers - and that is not beginning to explode and Win tablets will quickly become dominant simply due to the overwhelming Windows base. That is why Apple stock is dropping now.

Actually, I think that is pretty unlikely. There is a market survey here that sees the 'doze portion of the tablet market rising from 2.9% this year to 10.2% in 2016. That essentially means nowhere, and it will die. I would be very surprised if it did even that well. Apple stock is dropping in the main due to what is seen as the threat from Android. The dynamic will be somewhat the reverse, with tablets (non 'doze') ultimately taking over the desktops.

So to generalize and say the solution doesn't work with tablets? I don't think so.

It doesn't work with 97% of tablets. Better?

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