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Re: Interesting Exposure Choice

NeilJones wrote:

kayaker353 wrote:

The way I read the EXIF data, the exposure was 1/4000th second af f1.4. This is an interesting choice for a rather slow moving subject. What were your objectives in choosing this combination?

I was trying the lens for the weekend. everyone said wide open was awesome. Trying it out. I also some at f8 if you like I can post.

A tip, wide aperture separates subject from the background. Try it sometime!

I bet no one wants to see your f8 shots. But I also bet you'll post them.

Wide open makes sense in some situations, but not in all. If you have a subject close to your wide angle lens (a more effective way to use them), and a distant background, then at 1.4 you'll create a nice background blurring with this lens. But in this shot, your subject is pretty much in the background because you're not very effective at using wide angle lenses. You cut off the wedding party and included a building and a real photographer. And this is in the severely cropped version of the photo! You don't use wide angle lenses to get the entire world in the frame with a miniscule subject.

Your subjects are not that well separated. The whole photo looks soft and mushy because you shot it at 1.4 with a distant focal point. You don't often see landscape photographers shooting at 1.4 just because they can/"it's awesome." This shot could have been better at 2.8ish and framed correctly and exposed correctly and possibly filled with OCF or a reflector or something. But who cares. Certainly, not you.

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