Atheists don't force their views like Christians....

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Re: Atheists don't force their views like Christians....

Wheatfield wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Calling a Christmas party a Holiday Party is dishonest and divisive.

Real atheists don't really care what religious people do

Then there are a whole lot of "fake" atheists in the world.

I would agree with that observation.

Atheists don't really give a damn what you do regarding your religion as long as it doesn't hurt them.

Pretty sure that is proven false by the numerous reports every year of atheists trying to shut down Nativity scenes, get schools to remove "God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, constantly bringing up the idea of removing "God" from our currency and Constitution, trying to force churches to remove external crosses from their buildings, etc, etc, etc.

If you are in a secular society that truly believes in separation of church and state, then no, you shouldn't have "in god we trust" on your currency, or pledge allegiance to god and country. Pledging allegiance to country should be all that is required. Having said that, an atheist taking the pledge of allegiance can just leave out the god part and still pledge allegiance to the country, no harm, no foul, and it means more than lying by mouthing a promise that there is no intention of keeping.

Do you trust liars? Would you trust an atheist who pledges allegiance to god and country? It seems rather dishonest to me.

OTOH, a church is separate from the state, and has a much right to put up a cross or a minaret as I have to pour a driveway from the street to my garage, probably more, since I have to watch out for buried gas lines before I pour concrete.

My wife likes to celebrate Christmas. No big deal. Every Christmas eve we throw a party. She calls it a Christmas Party, I call it a Christmas Party for Lost Souls. It's not a big deal, I enjoy the food, much of which I prepare myself, but then, I'm not much of an activist, and choose to pick my battles more wisely than the idiots who want to regulate religion out of society. I like the fact that once a year, I am assured of seeing friends who I don't see often enough, and I really don't care what the reason is.

Do what you are going to do, all I ask is that you are honest about it. Throw a party at Christmas time and call it anything but a Christmas party, I will call you out on it and stay home. Call it a Christmas Party, there is a good chance I will show up, and I will probably even bring gifts, not because it's what I do, but because I choose to respect your right to your beliefs, even if I don't share them. That and I like a good party.

As long as I'm not forced to go to church, I could care less. The golf course is less crowded on Sunday morning, and that's fine by me.

Sounds like you are pretty repressed

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