LX7: slow shutter at night

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Re: LX7: slow shutter at night

Erik Ohlson wrote:

John.Laninga wrote:

Thanks, Gary. But all my other cameras would have selected a faster speed and a higher ISO.

The pictures were exposed correctly, but blurry since a 1/5s shot hand held is just too slow.


With respect - who CARES what your "other cameras" do?

Using Manual mode you can get the PICTURE, not concerning yourself with what some other camera might do:

In Manual, set the aperture to it's widest setting and try several shutter speeds until you get the exposure you want. If necessary, try different ISO speeds until you get the right "look" - that should do it.

Unfortunately the "Christmas Light Parade" has already passed, but likely you can find a similar lighting setup somewhere at this time of year & do some test shots for the next time!


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Sometimes you are a trolling a little here on this forum Erik.

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