Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

o Conlocha wrote:

Oh please, come on, I have already said I would like to own one, but not for that price. But get your defence systems going and call me a troll, a hell of a lot easier to deal with me then.

You wish to own - in your own words expressed just a short while ago - "a piece of crap"?

How believable is that?

As for calling you a troll - I'm not going there.

I would say uninformed, prone to hyperbole, a bit manic, and fixated on price without regard to any other factor - yes, I'd say all those things about you.

Why not take a break, stop posting for awhile, calm down, and come back when your blood pressure has lowered? Maybe then a civil conversation can continue.

Or, you could look for other, similar but less acrid conversations that have already taken place here. So far you've not covered anything new, but you have covered it with less understanding than has been done by other critics of the RX1 as concept or finished product.

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