Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

sroute wrote:

cd23murray wrote:

You're wasting your time...the trolll just wants to be fed...ignore works wonders

Actually engaging the poster has been very useful - Liam is on a real roll here, but all he is achieving is destroying any credibility he might have had as a reasonable or objective observer / appraiser of photographic gear. Manic might be a good term for his postings.

Curious as to his posting history here on DPR I had a quick look at what he's written here since 2006. When he calls himself a "critical photographer" he isn't joking - every post, although to be fair most I clicked on happened to be photo critiques - contained a critical comment of some sort even if the net result was praise.

There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism but the impression I got, no doubt tainted by his appearance here, is that Liam lives to criticize the works and opinions of others.

I could be way off base here of course - I only sampled 10 postings - but that is the picture of the person that was being drawn to me by his own writing. Certainly here in this sub-forum he's demonstrated that picture is more accurate than I could have imagined.

I'd hoped to learn what type of photography Liam specializes in since it seems he is an expert on everything, but a search on Google for Liam's professional side turned up nothing; his name is sufficiently unique that there are few Google hits for it. Perhaps o Conlocha is a pseudonym.

Whatever Liam o Conlocha actually does for a living really doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. It's clear Liam is compiling a list of "defects" in his mind based on sources not all of which are informed.

Manic is a good description. lol

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