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Re: EX1 - Few pictures taken today

brianj wrote:

I think I am searching for a style to call my own, I notice many people on the forums looking for a definitive style, many copying the blurred out look of the Instagram phone cameras etc. I don't really like that look, but I do think I need to become more stylised. This seems to me to be a very difficult part of photography.


Hello Brian,

I often have a scout around this forum for your pics, to see Oz, to see high quality EX1 jpegs and what you are doing with them; and because you often make interesting comments, particularly the ones I can disagree with. 

Normally I take RAW with the EX1 but I accidently set it to jpeg today so I thought I'd put a few in your thread as a contrast with the summer light of Oz.  It's just coming to the end of a very cold & wet autumn here.

Ivy rampant

Ollie rests from chasing his stick.

Gunnar under Bridge 93 Lancaster Canal

Run from the sun (what there is of it).

The EX1 is my walkaround camera, as it's yours I think.  Most of my walkingarounds are with the collies Ollie & Gunnar, who insist on their 6 - 10 milers each day.  (Well, that's what I do - they double that chasing the stick).

Personally my photographic ambition is to have no style.  For me it's not about "shooting" anything (projecting myself) but about copying something (my visuals at the time, got from the flitting photons that made up a bit of "here & now").  Prosthetic memories, you see.

Even my RAW PPing is an attempt to remove any stylistic feel in favour of trying to render the image as I remember the the scene in my eye.  Impossible, I know - the camera has it's own style and so does Photoshop's RAW engine.  Doh!

Inevitably, the camera jpegs I take now & then are in "normal" style with contrast, colour and sharpness all at midpoint.  Boring to the artistically inclined, I know. 

SirLataxe, currently fiddlin' with his ladywife's new Panasonic FZ200.

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