X-E1 + Kipon Canon Mount EOS-FX A with Aperture Ring

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Re: X-E1 + Kipon Canon Mount EOS-FX A with Aperture Ring

Once I slid the adapter onto my Canon 85mm lens, it locked on and got stuck. No amount / force of pushing on the little 2mm silver adapter button would release the lens. Thankfully I contacted a friend who also owns the adapter, and he mentioned sliding the button back and forth laterally on the adapter, and that somehow allowed the silver button to then be pushed vertically, thus releasing the adapter. Whew.

So there's that problem, plus the the fact that lubricating oil leaked out from under the silver adapter ring slider, and well, that's just enough.

All that said, the aforementioned friend is getting great results with his Kipon adapter after much practice, and his doesn't suffer from the oil leakage problem mine had, so ymmv.

Your adapter did not get stuck and sliding the the button back did not allow you to to push the button vertically.  The method of release is simply to slide the button easily back away from the lens - as easy as that, no pushing in or pulling - so you are really blaming the makers for your own mistake.

One thing I noticed from your picture is that your Fuji to Canon adapter is very thin compared to my Fuji to Nikon F Kipon adapter which is about 1/2 the size of my Nikon 50mm f1.8 D lens and considerably lengthens the setup.

Did you use the 3X focus magnification? I find that 10X is too much to hold steady but 3X just right. The 85mm is about as much as I would hand hold and 180mm as much as I would use with a monopod. More than that needs a lens with a lens foot to avoid strain on the camera/lens mount even on my XP1 but then if I needed more than 180mm I would use my DSLRs, not my lightweight system. The problem is not holding steady to shoot (where a high shutter speed might help), but holding steady while focusing with the hand that is also supporting the lens - not so easy!


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