Pocket Wizard and Einstein 640

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Re: Too bad...They need to address this IMO

I'm OK with the CC outdoors.  I think in direct sun I can shield it enough.  Most of the time I'm not working in an open field and when I am, I'm probably working at or near full-power.

The newer one with the stubby antenna is much better than the original.

What I want with the Pocket Wizard solution is to be able to mix in speedlights with power control.  Most of the time, they have enough power plus I do want to be able to sync at higher speeds.  I'm considering two SB-910's on a stick as the main light.

Does anyone have recommendations on the best way to do the mounting?  I want to use shoot through umbrellas with closed back (Japanese Lantern).

I really wasn't that interested until the Sekonic 478 came out.  That makes things very interesting.  I can leave my camera on the tripod while I make measurements and adjustments from the subject's position.  The same things that I already do with the CyberCommander but with speedlight options.

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