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Re: Getting Mixed Signals About 5D3 Warranty *Ugh*

Guys.. just enjoy your cameras, hopefully nothing is going to happen. I have owned 2 5D2 copies since they were released. I am a part time pro and use the heck out my gear. And so far nothing has happened to my bodies.

As I mentioned earlier. I was going to pull the trigger on ebay for $2788 couple of days ago, and called CPS and they told me that for repairs, they will require an actual reciept and US Warranty card. But keep in mind, CPS is not the repair center. And they have been giving mixed answers on this question to many of us.

Canon USA may decide to adopt an internal policy, after flood of these calls. As hundred of these bodies are being dumped in USA market.  They do not want hundreds of unhappy customers, who will be buying US Versions of L Lenses.

Best of luck to you guys....as I am still waiting to buy my bodies.

And if anyone wants a 5D2 body for $1250 in central florida area, comes with USA MAC transferable warranty, message me.

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