Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

o Conlocha wrote:

I'm hearing loads of stuff about this camera and it seems everyone is going nuts!

Quite understandable; the camera offers a set of features and capabilities not before seen in this form factor, and for some, size and weight are compelling attributes.

The thing doesn't focus well in low light, hunting too much etc.

The camera is comparable to many cameras in this regard, but isn't unusable either.There have been many Canon and Nikon cameras over the years that have had problems attaining focus in low light, low contrast, situations. AF support lights weren't available in some pro level cameras.

Have a look at this video, shot at midnight out of doors:

I'd say the performance is pretty decent; certainly it can focus faster than I can manually focus any of my lenses in the same conditions, and, given some contrast at the target, the camera locks on decently quickly with no hunting.

DSLRs benefit from phase detection autofocus; hybrid PDAF/CDAF technology is just starting to hit compact mirrorless cameras, with varying success. It would seem smaller sensors fare better in this regard than larger.

No one makes a camera of this size and feature set that focuses faster, in any light.

It isn't a professional camera if ...

What "professional" means will vary to professionals working in different fields.

Buy a good camera that has all the stuff that this piece of crap doesn't have.

The RX1 is a camera, not a dollop of excrement, and like all cameras the RX1 has a specific feature set and capabilities. Either the feature set and capabilities works for a photographer or it doesn't. It isn't hard to objectively look at a tool like this and decide if it makes sense for one's intended purpose or not.

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