Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

Hughesnet wrote:

o Conlocha wrote:

the crap has nothing to do with whether it pushes my buttons or not, the crap comes from another maker ripping off the market and everyone falls for the hype and the nonsense that goes with it! Think about it, very little about this point and shoot is worth 2800. I believe in thinking deeply about a purchase that size and weighing up all aspects before purchasing and the RX1 is hype and nothing else, it fails in too many departments to be considered a serious camera.But if you want to rush in with both eyes shut be my guest

To bad you don't think as deeply before you post. You have a lot of opinions about a camera you have never used.

Well I don't rush in where angels fear to tread, and there are many angels who wouldn't rush in for this little baby. The deep thinking makes me post, it also makes me hold onto my cash a little longer

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