NY post publishes photo of man about to die

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We have freedom of speech here.

Princess Leia wrote:

Decent and people with common sense help people in danger all the time ie car accidents, house burning, war time, hurricanes, tornadoes, breaking up a fight etc.

It is just so different nowadays, people are just selfish compare to decades ago. I guess it is just probably in NY or big cities.

In the United States of America you have freedom of speech, along with the consequences of that speech.

New York City is congested and people there peacefully coexist together by minding their own business.

In New York City, a person will most likely become a target for interfering in other people’s dispute in public.

As a result, most people will avoid involvement in that city.

It is called survival!

Walter Sr

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!

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