X-Pro 1 RAW files - how long before Adobe support?

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Re: X-Pro 1 RAW files - how long before Adobe support?

Badbatz wrote:

Alberto 1290 wrote:

Very bad ? Do you really use it ? And do you really (I mean REALLY) knows it ?

I ask because even if someone has the rights to think different, a totally negative assumption like this, sounds completely not authoritative.
without to be polemic...

No, I don't realy "knows" it because it is rather difficult to "knows", or even to perform the simplest tasks with it, it without spending significant, frustrating, time trying to figure it out. (Assuming it runs at all on your computer configuration.) And this is not an assumption, but my experience.

A RAW converter should be simple to use, regardless of any additional editing functionality embeded in it.

Ever since the early versions of NX, Nikon Capture has been the easiest of all editing software to use. We hardly hear of problems with it now. Provided one has a fairly modern PC/Mac it runs just fine. If there is a problem and you are running the latest version then the user's inexperience is the problem.

I use Silkypix for a rough conversion to tiff then NX2 and CS5 as necessary but recently I've been converting the RAF to DNG so I can use ACR.

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