Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

Hughesnet wrote:

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sean lancaster wrote:

o Conlocha wrote:

I'm hearing loads of stuff about this camera and it seems everyone is going nuts! The thing doesn't focus well in low light, hunting too much etc. It isn't a professional camera if it doesn't work well in poor light, it isn't a professional camera if it doesn't have a viewfinder. The grip is poor, it's not well weather sealed etc etc.

All I am hearing is wishful thinking from anyone who has one or is going to buy one.


A critical Pro

Well, either you're not hearing stuff here on dpreview or you're a critical Pro, but not a critical listener.

Well what I hear is the following:


Bad in low light

no viewfinder

hard to grip

fixed lens

poor battery life

No charger

soft edges

Expensive accessories

etc etc etc etc

We'll rip you off and , next year we'll improve a couple of points and jack up the price another 500, but you'll pay because you're the easy market we love

I rest my case, for 3000 I expect most of these things to be covered, in the box.

Except it doesn't have soft edges and only one person in one thread said they thought the Dpreview shots had them.

2 viewfinders available. Choice of a Zeiss Optical or the best EVF every made. How terrible.

It is not bad in low light. It is actually great in low light.

You can get a charger for $10 and a battery for $5. Show me that with your D600.

Expensive accessories? How about that DSLR? Now those are some expensive accessories...

Yip, valid points,but 600 for a viewfinder is spending money for something that is in most packages! Best evf ever made is overshooting the runway there Hughesnet. It is terrible in low light, not the noise factor but the handling factor, continuously hunting for focus, this is a big issue, I had this years ago on my first digital camera, but a top camera should be able to handle low light period! But go ahead by my guest, pay 1000 too much for this way overpriced product and feed their hunger. Or wait and let them think again about their pricing policy.

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