Leaf shutter not uniform?

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Re: Leaf shutter not uniform?

You are looking at the aperture blades, not the leaf shutter. They ought to be uniform looking to the naked eye.

You'll probably be able to demonstrate mis-shaped specular highlights - try taking shots of lights or reflections at various apertures; vary the distance between the camera and subjects to maximize the effect. Take a series of shots varying the aperture from wide open to close and see if you can produce photographs demonstrating any impact on the result.

It may be that the blades move into better position after a little use, but that's just a guess - I've never had this happen to me. All my Zeiss lenses are perfect in this regard, although none of my current ZM and CY lenses have curved blades.

I recall this issue coming up from time to time with other cameras and lenses; how each maker responds to it seems to vary. How forum participants respond also varies.

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