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Re: Where? nowhere

amalric wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

When Olympus releases the next E-x it will have the same or better sensor. If Olympus ever decides to stop supporting DSLRs and the 4/3 HG & SHG lenses, then someday maybe I'll switch to full frame or the next best thing in another camera brand. I won't be switching to a m4/3 MILC (unless they make it bigger, add a lens adapter with PDAF and improve CAF beyond what my E-5 can do today). MILC are a step down from a DSLR, as we know them today.

That's only the tune you like to hear you, and half a dozen people. If you keep repeating it you'll believe it's true

Truth is that we get the latest sensor, one or two years before 4/3 gets it, if ever.

The best Oly micro lenses are beginning to have 20% more resolution, according to Lenstip, than the best 4/3 lenses.

Of course you can lock the doors, lock your Shangri-La, and put vigilantes - that is actually what you have done.

No less, m4/3 will get the technology much sooner, we'll learn to better process the sensor long before you - and what will you have learned by shutting your ears and your eyes?

Please keep singing that tune: I find it very moving, like music in a concentration camp, a self imposed one.

You will get less ands less information, but you are great artists, all the five of you -so who cares?


PS I didn't start the thread, did I?

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Yes I agree, you have the best technology and will always have. You may like to post it also on Canon and Nikon forums.

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