Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

o Conlocha wrote:

cd23murray wrote:

o Conlocha wrote:

Fact remains that it is priced way up in the range of professional cameras not in your enthusiasts' range. (and that is a fact) I can get two nikons d600s for that price, Sony is ripping you all ff and you just swallow it in bucket loads!

And I can have 5 smart cars for the price of my current car, both will get me from A to B. I could live in a cave instead of a house....that's a silly argument.

Obviously you don't think there is value in the RX1 which is fine but you do realize value/worth is subjective and can differ between people.

Not a very good comparison! A Cave doesn't have the same functions as a house, doesn't cost anywhere near the same etc etc. No the RX1 should be valued at 1800 or thereabouts I would say, 2800 for a camera that misses many important details is a ripoff plain and simple. I refuse to pay such a ridiculous amount for a point and shoot that has major problems in low light. as well as all its other negatives. But keep singing its praises that will make it less painful to pay 3000 for it

It is never a good comparison when the person is disagreeing with you is it!

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