I Need Some Help For X-mas!

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Re: I Need Some Help For X-mas!

I've seen the Nikon V1 at nice prices as well as the Panasonic G3.  They're both good cameras.  I'd personally favor the Panasonic G3 ( bigger sensor, more lenses available ).  Panasonic's are generally quite good for auto shooters because they have a very good "iAuto" mode ( nothing to do with Apple ) which makes good "guesses" at what the scene type is.

I mention the Nikon V1 because you mentioned the V2.  There's very little practical difference between these apart from price and name.

The V1 is very heavily menu driven ( perhaps less an issue if you're going to use mostly auto ), whereas the G3 has a more traditional DSLR-like control layout, which is useful in the long run.

Having said all that I've been mulling over a MILC purchase myself and actually went for a used NEX F3 with the hideously expensive add-on viewfinder ( although it's a good viewfinder ).  Once you've used a camera with a viewfinder for a while using one without a viewfinder is painful - yet another reason to favor the V1 and G3 in my view.

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