Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

I have the camera so I guess I let Sony rip me off.  Would I have liked to pay less, of course I would, we all would rather pay less than the companies want.  I have owned a slew of cameras but out of that bunch only one DSLR because the size doesn't fit in with my use or life style.  I don't need or want a camera that sits at home 98% of the time and that would be the case with a DSLR.

This camera hits most of my top 10 wants which are:

1. Excellent optics

2. Clean ISO to 3200 with very good ISO to 6400 (It does this better than any other camera I have owned, EM-5, X100, to name a couple of high ISO performers).

3. Useable AF (this is one weakness in that it could be better and needs to be improved; however MF is truly useable and excellent with focus peaking).

4. Small size (as small or smaller than the X100).

5. Full Frame for better bokeh and better dynamic range.

6. Excellent detail comparable to DPxMs (my initial comparison tests show that it can produce images comparable to the Merrills).

7. An excellent VF, preferably built in.  THe camera has an excellent EVF though it isn't built in.

8. Excellent controls that don't require menu dives.

9. High quality metal construction.

10. A leaf shutter for both silence and fast flash sync.

This camera hits these pretty well and there is nothing else I know of that comes close.

I would rank the FUji EX-1 and the Olympus OMD-EM-5 as the closest other contenders.  The EX-1 I don't own but a friend does and he now also has an RX1 and acknowledges there is no comparison in IQ, especially as ISO goes up.  Further as Lloyd Chambers has pointed out the EX-1 and XPRO-1 exhibit some strange artifacts due to the non-standard trans-x arrangement that no converter has quite figured out.  THe X100 image and characteristics were perhaps a closer match but the EM-5 out performs it in almost every facet except skin color and it is close.

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