Classic Shell for Windows 8

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The implications of your statement are enormous

Jim Cockfield wrote:

(as *all* applications designed for the new UI will need to come from Microsoft's stores, even if they directly compete with Microsoft's own software).

I understand your statement to mean that all apps purchased for Windows 8 will have to come from the Microsoft store in a manner similar to that for the iPad and the apple store. Is this an assumption on your part? Or do you know this to be their goal?

I ask because this would have an enormous impact. All currently marketed software such as Adobe's Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Corel's PaintShotPro, etc, would have to come from Microsoft and this would, in large part, end the current policy of free trials, healthy competition and big sales as software competitors try to some kind of advantage over their rivals. This would then lead to higher prices and poorer products since competition would be stifled.

Such a policy would likely prevent me from upgrading my systems at all and that would then have another impact on the sales of computers. So I have to ask again - are you guessing? Or do you have some reason to believe this is what will happen?

Or am I misunderstanding what you are suggesting?

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