The True Picture of The Sony RX-1

Started Dec 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
keven v Regular Member • Posts: 285
Re: The True Picture of The Sony RX-1

JPG wrote:

Just go over to's website where they have the Sony RX-1 for sale. Read the user reviews, from Steve Huff's 5 star rating to someone elses 1 star rating. This gives you a good idea what the RX-1 actually is, -the good and bad. Now we're waiting to see what dpreview has to say about it, -we are waiting.............

The 1 star reviewer is complaining about the price. He doesn't even own the camera.

One of the two 3 star reviewers doesn't own the camera.

Two of the eight 5 star reviewers don't own the camera.

So really, there are 7 reviews from people who actually have the camera. Six 5 star and one 3 star reviews.

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