Another EM-5 body or a smaller back up cam (E-PL5)..any thoughts?

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Re: Another EM-5 body or a smaller back up cam (E-PL5)..any thoughts?

Ever since I became a semi-pro with paid jobs, I have had a back up camera. They have always been a 'lesser' (ie E30 for E5) camera to my main camera for obvious cost / size considerations.

As of the M5, I have TWO of the SAME camera, and am loving it. If I am in a dark enviroment or in a hurry, the dials/controls and settings are the same and it is easier to remember and change quickly.

That said, I also started to carry TWO cameras (dual strap systems are $20-25 on eBay). Depending on the event, I use two prime lenses and can cover 98% of what I want with that set up. Once in a while I have to crop more than I want, but normally that is the exception.

In any case, even with a better zooms when they are available, I am not sure I will go back to them. Although if there were a 12-35mm F2.0 and a 35-100mm F2.0, I Might change my mind and always have 24-200mm covered with two cameras! LOL!!

Just my perspective and 3.75 cents (inflation you know)

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