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Re: By what measure?

Russell Evans wrote:

Ease of use would be my first thought. Running an application full screen and not having easy access to the desktop or a hidden taskbar. OK win+D, but for people like my 76 year old mother, or her 99 year old mother, the multiple key shortcuts aren't that easy to remember. Plus my mother has problems with her hands. It would be much better to be able to gently remind her to hit the Start/Win key.

Pressing the Start/Win key on the new Windows 8 laptop I bought does nothing to bring up the Start menu. If it did it would solve a lot of my concernes, but it does not.

Judging how my mother and grandmother use their computers, people probably split shortcuts between both the desktop and taskbar as well. I often hear "where did I put that" when helping my mom with her computer.

You can put all your desktop short cuts into the Win8 Start button screen, group them and I think label the group, although I never got that far. Again judging by what I have seen people do, they have a nice wallpaper they like to use that conflicts with visual easy of seeing the shortcuts on the desktop. I think it is much nicer just to hit the Start/Win key to get access to your shortcuts.

As I said the Start/Win key does not give me access to my shortcuts.

I don't remember having this issue, but I don't use icons on the desktop. Adopting the use of the Start Menu in Win 8 for your shortcuts would resolve this. I really like the scroll wheel being a horizontal scroll in the start menu. That's a nice touch for getting around in the menu if you don't have enough screen space to use the menu zoomed out.

You keep referring to the Start/Win key giving access to shortcuts, but it does nothing like that on the laptop I have.

5) If I want to find a program, and many of them are not obscure or rarely needed, I have no way to get to them easily. If I am going to add the less-used program icons I will end up having 60 or 70 icons. Where is the ease of use in that?

I think the more correct way to find programs is to start typing the name once you are in the Start menu. I can't remember if you have to be in the second level to search for all programs or not. I think Win+X gets you there quickly.

If the idea is to reduce the need to remember shortcut key combinations to get work done all this does is increase them. I had not known of any shortcut key strokes to bring up screens. None were necessary in Windows 7.

Similarly shutting down the machine and putting it to sleep were trivial. Not so now.

6) Where is the system shutdown button? Where is the system sleep button? Why are simple tasks like shutting down the system or putting it to sleep or hibernation so difficult to execute?

Win+D will get you back to the desktop, but I never had this issue. Win+Tab or is it Alt+Tab will give you a jump list to get back to the program as well. I don't remember anything like what you are mentioning, but that would drive me crazy as well. Are you using a touch pad? Go into mouse properties and turn off the gestures, would be my first thought. Have you tried that?

No, I have not. The Windows 8 machine is not mine but a machine I bought for my step-son. I set it up when it arrived so it would be ready for him and found these issues working with Windows 8. So even if I had gone through the OS enough to set up all of the shortcuts he would still have these issues when he got the machine.

While I am an old hand at working with Unix and Windows machines he is not and all of this is likely to give him a lot of trouble. Since he lives a long way from where we live it is not going to be easy for him to get answers to questions and I will not be there to help him.

He is smart and he will learn but it seems like a lot of trouble with no real gain.

Use the keyboard a bit more and the mouse a little less, is what I found to the best way to use Win8. The thing too is getting used to a new system takes time. I hated Win7 for moving stuff around from how it was in XP when I started using it. It was so frustrating when I found where they put it and it was exactly the same dialog as in XP, but I had to go through some many hoops to find it in Win7. After a couple of years being strictly Win7, I went 64bit for the memory for photo apps, I can't even remember how I did the same thing in XP. Give it time, and when you feel frustrated, take a moment to remember good old DOS.

For me "good old DOS' was, in fact, a good OS. I am more used to an OS like Unix where stuff may not be intuitive, but one can do almost anything. I can live with Windows but I just don't see the reason for making things even more obscure.

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