LR display looks 'soft' when compared to CS6, iPad and prints

Started Dec 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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LR display looks 'soft' when compared to CS6, iPad and prints

Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious here or if it's dumb question but I could do with some help regarding Lightroom settings please:

I've been using LR for a couple of years and by no means an expert but reasonably confident with it (or at least I thought I was). Recently I got an iPad3 and when I exported some photos to it they looked a lot sharper / crisper than when viewing on my PC's monitor - which is a Dell 23" U2311H (which is quite well regarded).

Initially I put this down to the iPad's retina display and maybe my Dell's settings not being ideal etc. However, I've since done a few checks and when I view images on the Dell monitor in LR4 they all look a bit soft compared the same image viewed via Photoshop CS6 or even on Windows Photo Viewer (and the iPad). Similarly the prints seem better (than when displayed via LR). I'm now discovering that a number of images that I previously discounted (via LR) are actually okay.

So am I missing something obvious in LR4's settings? I've been through the Preferences tabs and can't see anything relevant. All my images are RAW imported and then processed as needed.

Any advice appreciated please. Thanks.


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