advice regarding printing / stealing images

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Re: advice regarding printing / stealing images

Teosax wrote:

Helo guys,

aren't you afraid that whom you send it too, keeps your file / files and start selling your pictures ?

I have one picture in particular that a lot of people think it's special, and it is probably worth a lot of money, because is a once in a lifetime shot

I am afraid if i send it to print it is going to be stolen.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

3 Solutions:

  1. Invest in printer, print your "one of the kind" photo and become millionaire.
  2. Sent it to Costco, wait until they will start selling your "one of the kind" photo then sue them and become millionaire.
  3. Wake up and stop living in imaginary world, Sorry to break that to you, but the sooner you realize that the sooner you will move on.your picture is probably not worth squat.
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