Sony changes Full Frame roadmap...

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Yes but no?

jerome_munich wrote:

I am a bit provocative, but when I read comments on "how Sony is going to change the market with innovation" I find these naive.

It is simple: at present, Canon and Nikon and selling FF cameras by the boatload with extremely classical designs: the 5DIII, 6D, D800 and D600 sell quite well. The full frame market is quite content with them. It stands to reason that if Sony were building a relatively conservative FF SLR, it would sell equally well.

Maybe that more conservative design is on the new roadmap?

I agree with you in that they decided to make what sells. They've tried the relatively conservative FF SLR. Two of them. One at a really outstanding price. (A price that's only being matched today.) The problem is that it/they did not sell.

Sony really has too many cameras and lens mounts going right now. Especially if they've serious about the FF NEX. (That's just nuts by the way.) Lens production will kill them. Unless they decide to sell cameras and not lenses.

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