D800E at B&H???

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Re: D800E at B&H???


First, the target is not behind glass, it's sitting on top of a display case in a fairly well and evenly lit room.  Second, I would consider the print on the display to sufficient vertical and horizontal detail.  Third, the Canon 5D3 and 6D both hit with the outer points no problem on the same display.  The D800 consistently back focused with the outer left points no matter what the subject.

One doesn't need to set up a perfect test in order to determine that there is a problem.  The lowly 6D could hit targets no problem with its outer points, the particular D800 on hand couldn't at all.  I'm hoping the brand new D800E I eventually purchase can.

I've seen your posts on occasion during my reading up of this AF problem.  You seem hell bent on convincing yourself and others that there is no problem, when it is quite obvious there is even when examples are provided.  Referencing a page or two in a manual does not solve this issue.  Tell me Leonard, how do you explain the right AF point nailing the same subject the the left failed to:

right AF


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