Pocket Wizard and Einstein 640

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Re: Pocket Wizard and Einstein 640

Onetrack97 wrote:

pspentax wrote:

I use the cybercomand in the studio/indoors and the Pocket wizard in the exterior.

I'm also thinking of switching to Pocket Wizard control for outdoor use.

From what I read, the way to do it is to use the MiniTT1 on the camera, set to only trigger. Don't plug-in an AC3, use the Sekonic L-478DR for power control. Power MC2 in the Einsten plus speedlights as needed.

I do need to understand if the Sekonic can control the full power range of the Einstein or if there is a work around. Not sure which company of the three to ask but will start the process.

Please update us on this. I think the limitation on the power range is due to the useage of the flash exposure compensation range in the camera so hopefully the actual functionality of the interface within the PW supports a wider range. If not, that would really suck.

OTOH, I'm ok with using the cyber transmitter (sans commander) outside and manually adjusting the power. I don't like the idea of having to use multiple slave brands. Just another thing to worry about...

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