Here is why the Forum should be split Panasonic & Olympus MFT's

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Agree, it is a dumb idea by a guy who admits hating Olympus.

amtberg wrote:

No, the forum should not be split. There is just as much discussion about lenses as bodies, and since the lenses are interchangeable between systems, the bodies are generally of interest to all MFT users (except those who are die-hard brand-boys).

A Canon user isn't that interested in reading about Nikon gear and v.v. because in order to actually switch one would have to sell off an entire system, or go with two separate systems. With MFT, however, it's very easy to switch body brands because all of the lenses and most accessories are interchangeable. So, even though I've used Panny bodies until now, I'm very interested in reading about Oly's latest and greatest.

It is the MICRO FOUR THIRDS forums and it just so happens that both Olympus and Panasonic make bodies for the system.   As you point out half the posts here are about lenses and the split would get too confusing.

Also, since lenses last longer, many here are looking for new bodies and want to compare.  Hence all the EM5 vs. GH3, PEN vs. GFx, etc. threads.

The Canon lens forum is NOT split in to Canon, Sigma, Tamron, etc. because some guy hates Tamron.

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