How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

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Re: How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

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This is my first time charge so I put it the camera to be charged via the USB. On the manual it says that it would take 155 minutes for the battery to be fully charged via the AC adapter. So how long it would take to charge it via USB. For example how long does it take for you to charge it?? 6-7 hours maybe?

NO...not at all.. actualy since I have had no trouble in charging my battery and only had to do it a couple of times I think - AND I now have a Generic charger off Ebay anyway..I've not (other than first time .. (and see my other..) used the computer USB.
But my computer is a good altough old Sony laptop on XP..I have three USB v2 siockets but via a multi connector I have plugged into ONE USB , three external USB hard leaves me two USB sockets available..used for anything else..and ONE I use occasionally to recharge my phone..or even an iPad..or anything that can use USB for charging. Of course the battery (in whateve) is never fully down..just needs topping up.. but nothing has ever taken more than a modest time.. and with a PARTLY run-down RX100 battery (it's hardly likely in use it woiuld drain COMPLETELY.. just go to the last bar re-charge indicator)... so I'd expect even a USB to bring it up to working again in not more than say 3 hours or so ... as I said earlier,.any recharges I do in any case are rarely that vital for quickness.. so can be done overnight...

But again..see my other.. I just cannot see that your charger is defunct.. if you are using a 2-pin Euro type...those CAN sometimes be a bit sloppy fit I've is it really THAT is where your trouble lies. I honestly cannot believe the supplied charger will NOT in fact recharge your battery from the mains..I'm sure it is a bad plug-in in some manner. Have you tried it in different wall sockets ??

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Yes I've tried 3 wall sockets and the result was the same , I called the shop who sold me the camera and they said that most likely problem is in the socket converter thingy.  I will go to the shop later again today to get it sorted out. Thanks for the help. RX100 is a great camera. A huge improvement over my 6 year old digicam LOL

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