Dedicated flash vs Auto thyristor vs manual

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Re: Dedicated flash vs Auto thyristor vs manual

A good auto flash can do a decent job. For example, I do have National PE3057 - back in late 70s, this unit came just before/around  famous Vivitar 283/285s and I got it new. It  still works great and I would be still using it if it would rotate the head. As I stopped using flash bracket(I bought it for my Nikon F which did not have a standard hot shoe, hence bracket), it was rather inconvenient using it for portrait orientation so I switched to SB. Dedicated iTTL units are just easier to use, work with AutoISO as well....Apart from head rotation and auto-zoom, there is a major difference between  SB600 and this ancient PE3057 - the colour of light. Namely, PE has yellow filter to "warm-up" the light, SB does not. This yellow filter is nowhere near orange balance filter for tungsten  and adds cast difficult to deal with even in RAW(NEF). This may have been he main reason I dumped it in favour of newer technology. I have sold Metz CT45 (for its bulk, non TTL) and it was a great flash too, very accurate . But, after all I have to admit: SB is a better system in many aspects, works with camera logic, FP, BL all the way to WB communication (i attached filters for SB700). Saving some money by buying Auto flash always raises the questions  about what would be missing. I'd say -  a lot (that makes life easier).

Agree with one of the previous posters about manual flash - in studio setup it really does not matter that much and it's just fine.

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