Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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007peter wrote:

Absolutely yes. I was a canon DSLR faithful before becoming a M43 + NEX mirrorless purist.


DSLR also enjoy Cheaper Lens Prices, Vast Lens Selection, and huge Second Hand Market for cheap gears. When it comes to affordability, DSLR is still miles ahead of mirrorless.


Someone who'd never OWN a DSLR, will sell his NEX or m43 soon enough. Just do a search on this forum, or Sony SLT, Canon DSLR forum. You encounter various post about "should I sell my NEX for a A57 sLT" post.

Sorry, your assumptions certainly aren't true for me or many others. I came from a P&S, and was about to get serious  buy my first DSLR or Sony Alpha when the original NEX appeared and decided on that.

Never regretted it, except when I tried iAuto for maybe one or two shots, but never used it again - like buying a Ferrarri and then trying to control a robot driver from the passenger seat. I very quickly got into P/A/S/M and manual lenses for full control, which I couldn't have anticipated before I had it, and RAW processsing.

I would consider a DSLR or SLT for sports or action/tracking only, if I did much of that, but no other reason. NEX is the perfect camera type for me. The sensor IQ, size, weight, grip/ergonomics, tilting LCD, peaking, and regarding lens choice and price, how can you beat the legacy market? Great Canon FD etc lenses for $50-150? And a nicely progressing Sony e-mount line-up now plus Sigma etc? It's all good! I'll consider any other brands' mirrorless offerings if/when they compete for sensor IQ, ergonomics, price etc.

Gratuitous faux-amateur random pet shot, NEX-5 + Minolta MC Rokkor-x PG 50/1.4:


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