How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

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Re: How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

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I don't understand what you mean, the RX100 is only charged through the USB. You can get yourself an external battery charger but that is something else.

I'm guessing you mean how long does it take to charge the RX100 using a PC/laptop/Mac USB outlet? The short answer is... no one knows. If it is a first charge for your battery it also takes a while. Please take into account that some laptops and even desktops do not provide a fully powered USB. Also they all use different power supplys, etc.

So please provide us with some more information about your problem? Your RX100 is not charging when connected to the USB or what? Is it first charge?


I bought the RX100 with US charger that accepts both 110V and 240V. I live in europe and in my country we use 220V but for some strange reason the charger won't charge the camera, so I have to use the USB 2.0 port on my PC
Since this is going to be my only source of charging I was wondering how long it would take. I have MSI P45 Motherboard.

I think THIS (above) must have been written WHILST I was writing my other post here.. I now better understand your enquiry.

BUT...I really do not understand WHY your charger is not working. If you say you have a charger that is either for 110v or 220v..that seems to suggest that the camera is not a true type FOR your particular country.. mine for instance CAME with the proper UK 3-square-pin type mains plug.. US one will have a 2-flat-pin plug in the box.. to have a MULTI-type charger does not seem quite right...

SO..I have to ask..does your country (using a European 220v.. have the UK 3-square pin plug...or is it a Euro 2-pin of different type but still used on the general 220v supply. The chargers of this type are invariably all multi-usage to accomodate anything from 110v to 240v or so.. but I know that any that use the Euro 2-pin plug CAN sometimes be a bit difficult to fit in a proper Euro 2-pin socket if it is not a good fit.. two-pin are NOT as easy to get a good fit as the UK 3-square type..those are almost always in or out .. but a two-pin can be a loose sloppy fit sometimes.. Are you absolutely sure the (presumed) 2-flat pin plug you are using IS making a good contact in your socket you are trying to charge from..
It may be of course that the makeshift type charger plug in your package is not quite right for a good fit to the mains socket..I've known that problem..I really cannot see that the mains charger is bad.. it's more likely the FIT to your mains SOCKET that may not be good... and that is preventing a charge flow.

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Staffordshire, UK

In my country we use European 220v 2 pin plug and the charger has 2 flat pin but that is taken care of because they gave me a plug convertor. Too bad there is no power on the USB plug. I tried to plug the charger on diferent plugs but I got the same result
Maybe the charger is bad. I will talk to the man that sold me this camera and maybe they will replace it or give me some other alternative.

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