Classic Shell for Windows 8

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By what measure?

IanSeward wrote:

Like you I have not tried Win 8 but I can't see what the fuss is about? Remove the Metro tiles you don't like, Arrange your normal programs at the start of the Metro screen and what is the problem? I can see myself arranging programs in groups eg Photography, Office, Utilities etc. Actually, as I type this it makes sense - better than a row of icons on the task bar.

Why is it "better than a row of icons on the task bar" or on the current desktop? By what measure?

With Windows 7 I have more than 50 icons on my desktop along with those on the task bar. They take up the left and right columns on the screen leaving the middle of the screen clear and unused for me to display a slide show. When I need a program I click an icon and there I am.

With Windows 8 I have several new problems.

1) I cannot go to the desktop upon startup but, instead, end up at the Metro Screen through which I have to pass to get to the desktop,

2) I can still place icons on the desktop and, if this was all, it would be a pain but that is all,

3) But it is not all. In Windows 8 a horizontal cursor movement seems to be a signal to end the current program. Thus if I am moving my cursor to go to one of the icons on the right of the desktop screen it (the desktop), which is an app, closes and I find myself back in the Metro screen. I then have to go through the process of loading the desktop again and figure out how to get to the icon I want on the desktop without shutting the app down,

4) My app icons, which are loaded on the Metro Screen, make the screen take up more than a full screen so I first have to scroll the screen to the right before I can even think about starting a program. So, instead of only having to move the cursor across the screen to get to the icon I have to first scroll the screen to the left, then move the cursor to the right to select it,

5) If I want to find a program, and many of them are not obscure or rarely needed, I have no way to get to them easily. If I am going to add the less-used program icons I will end up having 60 or 70 icons. Where is the ease of use in that?

6) Where is the system shutdown button? Where is the system sleep button? Why are simple tasks like shutting down the system or putting it to sleep or hibernation so difficult to execute?

7) As with the desktop, if I have any app on the screen (for example, the control panel) and move the cursor the wrong way the screen vanishes and I have to go through the whole thing again. Where is the "ease of use" in that?

8) All I would want to do (I don't yet have a Windows 8 machine myself but I have used one) is be able to use my computer easily. Why make it so difficult. Adding the Start button would solve half the problems (for me) with Windows 8.

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