I won a contest! I WON A CONTEST!!

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Re: This "award winning" photo was shot on AUTO!

G4orce Studios wrote:

I just looked at the exif data of the photo that won you an award and it was shot on AUTO!!! This photo had NOTHING to do with any SKILL. It was shot on auto! Given your crazy good, National Geographic photo skills, why on earth would you shoot on AUTO!!! Bwahahahahahah! That is the best laugh I have had all day! Thanks, Neil! You are comedy gold!

Given your endless lies and the fact that you are nothing but a windbag who craves attention and shoots on auto, I call BS on the contest story. Prove you won something. There has to be mention of it somewhere? Who gave this award? Company Name? Web address? Telephone number? If you can't provide this information, you will prove that you are a liar.

Your pic is an average auto snapshot. The composition, the one thing you WERE in control of, sucks. An award winning entry? I doubt it. Prove me wrong, Jonsey. I dare you. No excuses. Just information. Put up or shut up.

What an inspired post. It really furthers the discussion. 
"Kill the pig, kill the pig, kill the pig!!!"

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