How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

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Re: How long does it take for the RX100 to be charged via USB

ericN2 wrote:

Depends I suppose...
Are you talking of a first-time charge of the battery after purchase and right out oif the box..
Or are you talking of a recharge after use...
If the former..I think I put mine on charge and probably in about a couple of hours it seemed fit to go.. I DID go out the very same day particularly to a location where I knew I could put it to the test in very low indoor light.. so it couldn't have taken too long after the box arrived in the post that morning.

But if this is any cause for concern to you (and personally I hate camera charges anyway) .. I'd suggest you buy an extra battery to have standing-by..either a Sony or the less expensve (but it seems certanly very workable) Generic types - plenty on Ebay.
..and I've bought a Generic charger I like that far better than in-camera.. THAT has been quite OK for me so far too.

The battery on this camera - to me at least - seems to give an excellent number of shots without worrying about it. Said I think to be OK for 400 or more pics and I never shoot more than that at any one time so re-charge overnight or even on a quiet day is no problem.. Depends obviously on your usage..but if a LOT of pics in a short time is likely - then definitely buy an extra battery - same applies to ANY camera reallly, not just the RX-100

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This is my first time charge so I put it the camera to be charged via the USB. On the manual it says that it would take 155 minutes for the battery to be fully charged via the AC adapter. So how long it would take  to charge it via USB. For example how long does it take for you to charge it?? 6-7 hours maybe?

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