X-E1 Quick Menu Basic Setting "quirk" or user misunderstanding?

Started Dec 6, 2012 | Questions thread
easyeddy Regular Member • Posts: 250
Re: X-E1 Quick Menu Basic Setting "quirk" or user misunderstanding?

The Q-menu works great except for the 'multiple saved custom settings' concept...

Here y'go - this is how the Q menu could be improved for multiple 'pages' of custom settings to illustrate what I posted earlier. It doesn't take any more space, frees up a slot for another setting (I arbitrarily added Bracketing mode), and promotes the 'page name' to a more significant entry than the others.

The current 'page' in this case is "Portrait" (renamed by user from Custom 1) - the page can be selected the same as the other values via the command dial, but in this case it selects a whole new 'page' of settings.

EVERYTHING on the page adjusts when the page changes (i.e. not everything except a couple of settings such as image size...)

My vote would be settings changes are 'temporary' (i.e. until you turn camera off) unless you hold down the Q button, in which case a 'beep' would confirm the settings have been permanently updated for that page...

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