Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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But depends on that word "appreciate."

It is easy to set the Nex up on auto everything to perform well, just like a good P&S, or a dslr on auto evrything. A couple of years ago a Nikon (I think it was a 5100) was voted the best P&S camera available, not because it was a P&S but because you could leave it in auto mode and it performed brilliantly.

A Nex is not the camera to learn the basics of photography, shutter speed/f stop and iso and the relationships between them. while it is possible to set a Nex up to give control over these things, it doesn't come naturally to the Nex. You need to know what each of these functions does and set the camera up to enable you to control these effortlessly. A camera with dedicated controls for each of these functions is a better instrument to learn your stuff. Dslr cameras (mainly) have these dcontrols easily identifiable and up front rather than having to be sought and programmed through the menus.

I'd be fairly confident that those coming from a P&S or beginners background rarely learn to use the more advanced settings of the Nex wheras those who know their photographic stuff will be able to set it up to their liking. And so it is reasonable to say the already knowledgeable users (almost certianly from a dslr background) will appreciate the camera more.

The history of the development of the Nex is interesting in this regard. The first releases were clearly intended fopr the not very knowledgeable and Sony seems to have been caught unprepwred for the enthusiasts who saw the potential of the Nex. Each subsequent model has, in some ways, been a return to putting the basic controls up where they are wanted by enthusiasts.

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